Astronaut Terry Virts Captured Breathtaking Photos, Video While In Space. Here Are Some Favorites


After spending 200 days on the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Terry Virts is now back on Earth.

Space fans will certainly miss Virts’ documentation of life aboard the ISS. The astronaut has gained quite the social media following in recent months thanks to the truly spectacular photographs and videos that he’s captured from his celestial vantage point.

Before arriving back on his home planet last week, Virts took the time to snap a few final pictures of Earth from way up high. They include a particularly stunning one of Egypt’s Great Pyramids of Giza.

Over the last few months, Virts has uploaded dozens upon dozens of photos and videos of the sights both within the ISS -- and the view without.

He’s shown the world what thunderstorms look like from space:

And the sheer beauty of the Earth.

Virts also captured breathtaking shots of space:

And offered an up close and personal look at his life, from floating dinners to space walks.

Virts was aboard the Soyuz TMA-15M with crewmates Anton Shkaplerov of Russia and Samantha Cristoforetti of Italy.

Check out all of Virts’ awesome photos and video on his Twitter, Instagram and Vine pages.

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Rex/NASA/Terry Virts
Terry Virts, referring to a picture of his colleague Commander Barry "Butch" Wilmore "Can you spot the space walker in this picture? He's very small compared to the enormous starboard truss of the ISS."
Terry Virts
Out on the P3 truss. #AstroButch handing me his cable to install on the new antenna. #spacewalk
NASA/Terry Virts
Laying 100' of cable in each of these bags, #AstroButch and I installed them from the lab to new antennas.
NASA/Terry Virts
Mission Accomplished - 3 #spacewalks, 800' of cable, 4 antennas, 3 laser reflectors, 1 greased robotic arm.
NASA/Terry Virts
And for the second half of our #spacewalk today- me greasing the robotic arm.
NASA/Terry Virts
NASA/Terry Virts
NASA/Terry Virts
Working at sunrise- laying more cables! #spacewalk
My very first “steps” outside, going down through the airlock hatch. #USEVA29 #spacewalk
NASA/Terry Virts
#AstroButch in the vacuum of space today. #spacewalk
On my way inside at the end of a long and successful #spacewalk- thanks #AstroButch for a great pic!
My #spacewalk lead #AstroButch, with me upside down in his visor.
My first ever spacewalk today- AWESOME!!!
NASA/Terry Virts
Our official “100 Days” patch. 2.5 months to go. Time is flying WAY TOO FAST!
NASA/Terry Virts
The smile before my first #spacewalk barely fit in the camera frame. #USEVA29
NASA/Terry Virts
Extensive #Africa desert of #Libya and #Chad.
NASA/Terry Virts
#EarthArt northeast #Libya.
The camera doesn't do it justice - floating in space, looking down on creation, seeing new color shades. #spacewalk
NASA/Terry Virts
#EarthArt Simien National Park #Ethiopia
NASA/Terry Virts
#EarthArt #RedSea

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