Tesco Finds Horse Meat In Frozen Meatloaf, Pulls Product

March 12 (Reuters) - Tesco Plc, Britain's biggest grocer, said on Tuesday it withdrew its line of frozen meatloaf after it tested positive for between 2 to 5 percent horsemeat.

The company said it pulled from its shelves Tesco Simply Roast Meatloaf 600g packs made between October 2012 and January 2013 at Eurostock in Craigavon, Northern Ireland.

Tesco said it would complete its own investigation into tracing the source of contamination before it took a call to continue with the supplier.

Tests on 15 other product lines from the same manufacturing site were clear of horsemeat, Tim Smith, Tesco's technical director said in a statement.

Europe's horsemeat scandal erupted in January, when testing in Ireland revealed that some beef products also contained equine DNA. It since has spread across the continent, ensnaring numerous well-known brands, prompting product withdrawals, consumer concerns and government investigations into the region's complex food-processing chains.

Smith said Tesco had tested more than 500 products as part of its DNA testing program and that this was the fourth Tesco-branded product to have tested positive.



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