Tesco Buttermilk Carton Design Looks An Awful Lot Like A Penis

If There's Truth In Packaging, You Might Not Want This Milk

That's quite a package.

Global grocer Tesco is getting some laughs for the design printed on its buttermilk cartons: an illustration of a pitcher surrounded by what basically looks like an orange penis.

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"Tesco? More like testico," one viewer cracked after seeing the picture on Imgur.

On Reddit someone quipped, "What are you talking about, it's just the borders of Finland and Sweden."

And then there was this:

The packaging can be found on Tesco's Irish website, in case anyone was wondering if the image was manipulated digitally. It apparently was not.

And why is anyone surprised? After all, Tesco is the same company that brought us this beauty a few years ago:

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