Phoenix Man Will Let You Sleep In The Trunk Of His Car For $85 A Night

Want To Sleep In This Guy's Trunk For $85 A Night?

Steve Sasman isn't grinding peoples' gears. He's for wheel.

The Phoenix resident, a proud owner of a $118,000 Tesla Model S, has listed an airbed set up in the car's trunk for rent on Airbnb, billing the combo as "the world's first Tesla hotel." For $85 a night, a maximum of 2 guests can "camp out" in the vehicle, armed with two battery-powered candles and the car's audio system to set the mood.

There's just one catch: renters will have to vacate the car by 8 a.m., so Sasman can get to work.

"I've already slept in this thing three times so why not let other people do it," Sasman told Phoenix's CBS5. He also vouched for the quality of the mattress, calling it "a premium air bed" that's "top of the line" and "comes with linens."

Per his Airbnb listing, the twin bed itself is six-and-a-half feet long and 36 inches wide. "Sorry, no NBA players allowed," the listing advises. There will also be no driving of the car bed, as guests will be "securely parked" in Sasman's garage, with access to more conventional amenities in the attached condo, including a bathroom, shower, TV, and kitchen.

Sounds... interesting. Or you could save some money and just buy a car bed for toddlers.

Sasman is billing his Tesla as the "fastest hotel in the world," although that particular honor might actually go to KLM's refurbished jumbo jet, which was also available for rent on Airbnb for some time.

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