Tesla Drivers Can Now Play Steam Games Like 'Elden Ring' Inside Their Cars

The new feature is a part of a "holiday update" the company announced via Twitter on Tuesday, but some people wondered if it was a good idea.

Tesla owners can now play Steam games in the comfort of their cars thanks to the company’s latest integration.

On Tuesday, Tesla announced a “holiday update” for its electric cars, which includes integration with the Steam marketplace.

The Steam marketplace is the world’s most popular digital storefront for PC games and allows users to buy and sell certain in-game items.

“Steam is here—bringing thousands of games to new Model S & X vehicles,” Tesla tweeted alongside a video game controller emoji.

In a video clip, the company flaunted the latest feature by showing “Cyberpunk 2077,” a popular action role-playing video game, on the vehicle’s touch-screen display.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been teasing the Steam unification for months now, and in July, he shared that the company was “making progress toward integrating Steam into its cars.

The Steam marketplace is only available on “new Model S and X vehicles (year 2022+) with 16GB DDR memory” according to the company’s announcement.

Drivers will need premium connectivity to run Steam on their Teslas, which costs $9.99 per month.

The latest integration also introduces the video-conferencing app Zoom and Apple Music. Customers with furry friends can use the new “dog mode that lets owners access their car’s cabin camera to keep an eye on their pets.

According to the company, “dog mode” allows owners to set the temperature, whether heated or cool, while the Tesla is in park to keep the interior of the vehicle at a suitable temperature. (However, as HuffPost has reported, leaving your pet in a car unattended is actually a very bad idea.)

On Tuesday, Musk gushed about the brand’s new features on Twitter. “You can play Cyberpunk, Elden Ring and 1000s of other games in your *car* with an epic sound system!!,” he wrote.

It is unclear whether drivers must be parked to access the gaming feature to eliminate the risk of car crashes. HuffPost has reached out to Tesla for clarification.

Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to absolutely bury Musk — who bought the social media app in October — over the horrific idea of allowing drivers to play video games while operating a vehicle.

In October, Musk acquired Twitter in a $44 billion dollar deal. The business magnate was met with fiery backlash after he purged half the company’s staff last month, some of whom publicly criticized his leadership.

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