This Fan-Created Video Will Make You Wish You Had The Money For A Tesla

It's all so magical!

Who needs a marketing team when your fans will do it for you?

Tesla got some big-time fan love last week with the release of an amazing CGI video produced by Parachute, a New York-based visual effects firm. Director Sam O'Hare said on Vimeo that the unofficial spot was "created as an homage to a brand we admire."

In the video, a Tesla car -- probably the Model S -- materializes from a cloud of magical lightning bugs massing in front of an abandoned gas station.

This definitely makes you want to plop down $100,000 on a Model S, right?

Tesla hasn't commented on the video, but did retweet TED curator Chris Anderson, who wrote, "How many auto companies have fans that would do this?"

Elon Musk, the automaker's chief executive, has long advocated for a future that is no longer dependent on diesel and gasoline. That doesn't mean that Tesla's electric cars will be completely free of the guilt of carbon emissions though: Most of these vehicles draw their charges from a power grid that uses fossil fuels, and there are huge shipping costs involved in getting the cars to global buyers.

Last week, Tesla unveiled its new Model X electric SUV, which starts at $132,000 for the Signature Series and comes with an option for an autopilot feature.

H/T AdWeek

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