Tesla's 'Insane' Button Totally Freaks People Out In Wild New Video

Watch Tesla's 'Insane' Mode Totally Freak People Out

What kind of car would come with an "insane" mode? A Tesla -- specifically a Tesla Model S P85D, the $120,000 electric speedster with a 221-horsepower front motor and a 470-horsepower rear motor.

Hitting the "insane" button engages both at the same time, allowing you to reach 60 mph in just over 3 seconds -- and scare the pants off friends and family members, if you use it without warning.

Brooks Weisblat of the DragTimes website did just that in the clip above.

"With 0-60 MPH coming in just 3.1 seconds along with no audible clue of what’s about to happen, the aggressive launch brings out some very interesting and funny reactions, including a flying iPhone that gets stuck to the back seat from the G Forces," Weisblat wrote on his blog.

While his passengers freak out like kids on a roller coaster, Weisblat says the whole experience is about as safe as rapid acceleration could possibly be.

"It's very safe, the car has all-wheel drive and is very stable the entire time," Weisblat told Mashable. "We've even done 0-60 in 3.3 seconds in the rain with no tire spin at all."

It's not quite the "ludicrous speed" mode of Spaceball One, but it might be about as close as you'll get in a mass-produced automobile.

The video even caught the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who tweeted a link to it on Tuesday night:

For a little more fun, check out a second version of the video, which contains some NSFW language:

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