Man Summons Tesla Via Apple Watch, Makes Your Car Look Like A Fossil

The future is now!

The Tesla Model S is a $75,000 vehicle with at least one really cool perk: It can kind of drive itself. A $2,500 "autopilot" package lets you "summon" the car to do things like park itself and open and close your garage door. Seconds saved every day!

But it gets better. The car can connect to a "Remote S for Tesla" app, which lets you take advantage of the autopilot functionality from your Apple Watch.

YouTuber Mark Schey posted a video of this feature last week, perhaps becoming the first person to get their car to drive itself out of the garage and into the driveway -- from just a couple taps on a watch. That's according to a representative from Remote S developer Rego Apps, which left the following comment on the video: "Congrats on being the first person in the world to summon a car from a watch! I actually didn't have my Apple Watch with me when I was coding this feature, so I'm not the first person to be able to do this."

So, if you'd like a slight peek into the future of self-driving cars -- or you're just wondering about how the most forward-thinking car owners spend their time -- take a look at the video above.