Tesla Recalls 2,700 SUVs Over Safety Concern

Model X owners should avoid carrying passengers in the third row of seats until repairs are made.

Tesla Motors on Monday recalled 2,700 of its new Model X SUVs to fix a latch it said may allow the third row of seats to snap forward during collisions. 

The automaker said it knows of no accidents where the latch malfunctioned, but tests showed the possibility of failure. Until repairs are made, the company asked drivers to avoid carrying passengers in the third row.

The all-electric, falcon-winged Model X, which costs $81,200, is Tesla's latest vehicle. It debuted last fall after delays. At the time, CEO Elon Musk proclaimed it "the safest SUV ever."

The recall is the first for the Model X. Futuris supplies seat backs to Tesla and will cover the cost of replacing the defective parts, according to Tesla. 

The automaker discovered the fault before its planned launch of the Model X in Europe, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

Seating was an obstacle in getting the Model X to market, but it was the second row that posed a design problem, according to Musk. 

Tesla's delivery of SUVs has been behind schedule, which Musk last week blamed on a parts shortage.



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