Tess Holliday: ‘Fat People Have Sex… And It’s Really F**king Good.’

Well said 👏

Tess Holliday has a message for the world: Fat people have sex, too.

On Tuesday, the body-positive model posted a polaroid photo on Instagram of herself in nothing but sheer underwear. The polaroid photo was taken photographer Anastasia Garcia.

In the caption, Holliday wrote that the photo reminded her of an important piece of life advice included in her new book The Not So Subtle Art Of Being A Fat Girl.

“When I saw [the photos Anastasia took], & how hot (& obviously unretouched) they are, I was reminded of a ‘Tess Holliday’s Advice for Life’ that are all throughout my book,” Holliday wrote. “It goes: ‘Fat people have sex. A lot of it. And it’s really fucking good.’ That’s all.” 

Garcia, a plus-size woman herself, re-grammed Holliday’s photo with a heartfelt caption thanking Holliday. 

“I appreciate Tess’s quote more than I have words for,” Garcia wrote. “Growing up I always felt like I wasn’t allowed to be sexy, or sexual. Despite the fact that I completely was, and completely loved that aspect of my life. I thought because I was fat I had to hide that aspect of myself. I realize now what a crock of shit that was. I’m pretty lucky to be around women who remind me that so many of us have a shared narrative. I’m also lucky to be surrounded by all this sexy.”



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