Tess Holliday Tackles Insecurities About Her Postpartum Body Like A Boss

She hesitated to post a pic of herself, but had a (kick-ass) change of heart.

Tess Holliday had the best reaction to a moment of self-doubt about her postpartum body.

The model posted a photo of herself on Instagram on Sunday and admitted she hesitated to share it with her followers because of her insecurities about her body. Then, she had a (kick-ass) change of heart.

“I originally didn’t post this photo from the set because I felt self conscious of my stomach because it’s different since giving birth to Bowie, but then I had to remind myself who the fuck I am,” she wrote.

The model appropriately added the crown emoji in her caption and the hashtag she adds to many of her photos, #effyourbeautystandards.

Holliday, who has two sons, is known for being vocal about the absurd beauty standards women face as well as the pressures of motherhood. In April 2016, while eight months pregnant with her son Bowie, she shared a mirror pic on Instagram and wrote that she’s encountered several comments about her body.

“What I’ve had to ... learn to be okay with (WHICH IS NOT COOL) is the fact that people still think it’s okay to comment on my body: ‘you don’t look pregnant,’ ‘you must be [having] quadruplets,’ ‘you are putting your baby at risk’ & a slew of other uneducated statements that are very far from my reality,” she wrote.

In her post, she encouraged other moms to stand up for themselves when others offer unsolicited advice about the way they parent and to embrace their bodies both while they’re pregnant and after giving birth.

“I’m not the first plus size woman in the public eye to have a baby & share it with the world, & I certainly won’t be the last,” she wrote. “However I’m part of a small minority that’s telling you it’s okay to not have a perfect baby bump, or not show at all, to be plus size & have a healthy child, & most importantly to find a care provider that doesn’t shame you about your size.”

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