Tessa Thompson Drops Her Thoughts On Her First-Ever Plate Of Scrambled Eggs

"The Tonight Show" host broke out hot sauce for the "Creed III" star's first time eating eggs on Friday's episode.

Creed III” star Tessa Thompson finally gave in and tried eggs after years of denying that she’s ever eaten the dish (You can watch the clip below).

Thompson, who reprises her role as Bianca Taylor in the boxing film, told “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon that she never had eggs hard-boiled, scrambled, deviled or “omlette’d” due to misinformation.

“My parents never told me the eggs that you eat would never become a chicken, and so like, morally, they should be chickens, someday,” Thompson said.

She added that she then didn’t trust eggs thereafter because they “shapeshift.”

“It’s suspect as a kid if you think about it,” Thompson said.

“I was so serious about it, I didn’t even eat eggplant for the longest time because I thought it was connected, I was so committed.”

In a 2012 interview with Ladygunn, Thompson said she had a hard time with all animal products as a kid and, at the time, she never had eaten a steak before fellow “Creed” actor Michael B. Jordan got her to try her first bite.

Thompson, whose “Creed III” co-star Jonathan Majors has eaten roughly eight hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, later got to try her hand at scrambled eggs — with hot sauce — thanks to a dish served by Fallon.

“Actually, they’re not bad,” she said, following her first bite of scrambled eggs.

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