Test Drive Results 2017 BMW X1 xDrive28i

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A more sturdy and fuel efficient SUV on its' own makes for the confusing question why not plugin hybrid? However, if this is the start for this SUV, we are all in for something special for this vehicle since it IS a mild hybrid electric SUV. Given the Driving Dynamics Control was included with the ECO PRO, COMFORT, and SPORT settings, most of the test drive results were in ECO PRO and SPORT on highway for maximum MPG.


Can you say an SUV on a Mini with mild hybrid?

The X1 in 2017 is totally different from the other X models. Where the previous version uses six-cylinders, the new X1 rides on a front Wheel drive, the Mini Cooper Clubman engine and my favorite: regenerative braking. So again, the BMW X1 is a A 2.0-liter turbo-four with regenerative braking. Therefore, it is a mild hybrid electric SUV.

In addition, you can dial the car to be ECO PRO which makes the car even more fuel efficient in the city and highway.


Green Lighting to a Point

LED Lighting was on all the time with the Daytime Running Lights but halogen for the high beams were not needed. Why not LED for all lamps. We know that on average 10% of fuel savings occurs from LED lighting in automobiles. So why not maximize the 10% and maybe get more. Yet with Halogen high- and low-beam headlights and free-form fog lights, it's reducing the opportunity for more fuel savings. Maybe next round.


Safe and Thrilling

For an SUV with all this green tech for around $40,000 fully loaded, the BMW X1 goes far beyond utility, fuel economy and an SUV. However it's not a hybrid or a plugin hybrid. However, it starts the change in mindset toward electrification. Besides everything you know and expect from this Sports Activity Vehicle®, we know that safety is the least of your worries since it got the IIHS Top Safety Pick. Advanced front-crash avoidance rating - when equipped with optional front crash prevention - the X1 offers adventure and peace of mind. Add a suite of innovations and handling you would expect from a BMW, and it's easy to see why all aspects of this vehicle truly thrill.

MPG Good for SUV Now

Besides the power of 228 horses barreling down the highway and expect a 0-60 time in as quick as 6.3 seconds, with that good ol 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission; lets get to business. This Sports Activity Vehicle ® in ECO PRO mode did a bit better than 31 MPG on the highway. Can we say the best was 39 MPG. That's correct folks. An SUV that can get 40 pm the highway. Wait the Lexus LX hybrid can get that. True but this is less expensive and more appropriate for any SUV that should be on the road today. So for a high end SUV starting at $35,100 we are talking the next step up folks.