Test The Evidence To See If Sarkozy's Rumored Wife Is Pregnant

Former supermodel Carla Bruni is not shying away from exposing her tummy as rumors swirl about whether she is pregnant with French president Nicolas Sarkozy's baby. The "first girlfiend" was spotted in nothing but a white bikini frolicking around Corsica with her young son Aurelien. (Aurelien's father is philosophy professor Raphael Enthoven.)

Reporters and bloggers are also speculating over a secret Sarkozy-Bruni marriage after the president did little to quell suspicions when he told approximately 600 reporters that, "There are strong chances you will learn of it once it's done." Bruni is also sporting a wedding band on her right hand. In certain countries in Europe men and women wear bands on their right hand.

Look at the near-nude photos of Bruni and Sarkozy on vacation in Egypt about three weeks ago. Compare that to the slideshow below of Bruni in Corsica (all photos are credited to NS4W.org). Decide for yourself if she has a little Sarko in there.