Building an Idea Business for the Next Decade


How do you build an idea business for the next decade? This question has been front and center for myself and my agency as we gear up to move offices in the next few months. The mission? To build a brand new office from scratch, transforming a big white box into a fully operational creative, media, and technology hub that will create remarkable ideas and results for many years to come. It's a large undertaking, but one I feel is important for the agency as we continue to grow.

One thing I've learned about this industry is that it's constantly changing. I often reflect on the past decade and the sweeping changes that have impacted the way we do business. Throughout the process of designing our new space, it has been an overwhelming, and incredibly exciting, task to forecast what changes we can expect to see in the upcoming decade, and to create a new and refreshing blueprint with those changes in mind.

As we move forward with great confidence in building our new home, these three principles continue to guide everything we do, both in the construction of our new space and the policies we continue to initiate in our company culture. Here's how we're building an idea business for the decade to come.

Less Divide. We are moving to an open floor plan. Not because it's the "in" thing to do in the tech space right now, but because we know there are a few core characteristics of great creative environments that are fostered by having fewer walls. Great ideas come from everywhere, not just a particular group of people or department. Knowledge in motion creates remarkable outcomes -- information must be openly shared across disciplines or its value is inherently diminished. And thriving through change requires nimbleness -- walls create unnecessary barriers to change. With this is mind, we have designed the new office in an effort to create an efficient space best suited for nourishing collaboration and creative thinking.

More Trust. There is more complexity to what we do on a daily basis than ever before, and it's only growing more complex as changing consumer behavior continues to rapidly fracture advertising norms. With the ground constantly shifting, putting trust in both our agency family and those we work with has never before been more paramount to our long-term health. At our agency, "more trust" will be manifest in more policy changes similar to those we've already implemented e.g. unlimited sick, personal, and work-from-home days, and other flexible work plans. Trust creates efficiency, honesty, freedom, collaboration, and a laundry list of other incredible assets for a workplace we're proud to call our own. The objective of our company culture will continue to be instilling freedom and flexibility for our team members in return for their reciprocating respect and dedication to reaching the agency's larger goals and supporting vision.

Greater Purpose. We believe that the world is a better place when people are doing things rather than having things. When you walk through our doors as a client, partner, or employee, it's important that this outlook is clearly communicated. Without it, we're just any other agency, which I don't believe we are. We've helped hundreds of unbelievable live experiences achieve financial success and change lives along the way. Through our non-profit efforts with The Situation Project, we've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to deliver the power of live experiences for a greater social good. This focus on doing over having is no accident -- we selected it as the core of our business when we first opened our doors over a decade ago. We want to create big ideas for brands we value. A change in mailing address will not shift this focus -- rather, the new space has been designed around that very tenet.

Our industry is an exciting and ever changing orchestra of ideas. As the President of my company, I view my job over the next decade as finding and shepherding the rhythm of the eclectic, energetic, inspiring, and refreshing sounds of those ideas. To me, investing in these three principals -- less divide, more trust, and greater purpose -- will make the rhythm of our next decade as harmonious as it can possibly be.

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