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Store: The Voice-Controlled Robot Vacuum That's WAY More Affordable Than A Roomba

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KonMari-ing clutter from your drawers and closets seems daunting at first, though it’s always rewarding in the end. But, let’s be honest, those less-involved everyday cleaning tasks might be better delegated than taking up your own time. Vacuuming by yourself? So 2018.

Robot vacuums are becoming increasingly popular, but the one caveat is that they can be loud, obnoxious and prohibitively expensive. You’ve got kids and pets running around, so you don’t want a vacuum joining in on the chaos.

That’s where the Tesvor Robot Vacuum comes in. It’s the only device on the market for less than $200 that operates quietly and offers voice command via Alexa or Google Home. Like other robot vacuums, it lets you schedule cleanings via an app and uses gyroscope technology to ensure it doesn’t bump into any walls or furniture. And most importantly, you don’t need to push the dang thing around.

Your time should be spent on better things (re-organizing your spice cabinet, perhaps?) and there are tools on the market to help you keep things clean along the way. The Tesvor Robot Vacuum is available right now for just $189.99, a fraction of the price of most iRobot Roombas on the market.

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Tesvor Robot Vacuum with Voice Control - $189.99

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