'Tetris' Trailer: Someone Make This Into A Film, Now (VIDEO)

In a world where "Battleship" is a summer blockbuster featuring supermodels and popstars, nothing is impossible. Which is why we really hope this trailer for "Tetris" inspires some Hollywood executive to give Warialasky, the team behind the comedy spot, a few hundred million dollars. This movie looks amazing.

In the video, menacing Tetris blocks rain down from the sky. A female lead appears to die, and her co-star is seen waving a gun (to shoot the blocks?). Eventually, jets are scrambled (though apparently not very effectively) and it's really unclear how humanity will survive the siege.

Watch the trailer above (or, if you're at work, check out the gallery of stills below). Happy Friday.

'Tetris' Trailer

'Tetris' - The Best Fake Movie Ever

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