Tevin Davis 'Undroppable': 'My Whole Life Flashed Before My Eyes'

This video is part of "Undroppable," a documentary project from @Jason_Pollock that tells the stories of young people who have overcome significant obstacles to graduate from high school.

It took one close call for Tevin Davis, a high school student in Chicago, Illinois, to turn his life around.

In February, he and three friends were dealing drugs when the cops barged in on them. It was around 6:00 p.m.

"They started shooting. I tried to run, but then he shot me. I fell, but he kept on shooting while I was laying on the ground," Tevin said. "I thought I was dead. My whole life flashed before my eyes."

After the incident, Tevin enrolled at a new school, Collins Academy, which he says is more peaceful. Being in a different environment has helped him make an important choice about his future -- one that he knows would make his mother, who passed away, proud.

"I can be out on the streets, selling drugs, or I can go to school and be somebody in life," Tevin said. "I pick going to school and being somebody."

Watch the video above to hear Tevin tell his story, and visit the "Undroppable" YouTube channel for more videos.

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