Texans Teammates Argue About Existence Of Dinosaurs Over Twitter

A natural history museum employee even chimed in with support.

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt has made an odd discovery about his locker buddy.

On Saturday afternoon, Watt tweeted his revelation that the Texans’ defensive end D.J. Reader does not, for some reason, believe that dinosaurs once really walked the earth.

“Our lockers have been next to each other for over a year and I just found out [Reader] doesn’t believe in dinosaurs. Says fossils are fake,” Watt wrote.

“Don’t knock my theories man,” Reader replied. At time of publication, the player’s Twitter timeline is filled with good-humored responses to others on the social media platform voicing their criticisms of his anti-science standpoint. (For the record, he does not believe Earth is flat.)

After Watt’s initial tweet began gaining steam, he added an apologetic message: “Ay man, I’m not the one who said it! I love you either way cuz you’re my boy. I just had to see if anybody had your back. (They don’t).”

An employee of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which houses many different dinosaur skeletons in its Morian Hall of Paleontology, was also quick to reply with an offer to share his knowledge on the subject. 

“Hey [Reader], I’d love to tour you around [HMNS] and show you otherwise #becausescience,” wrote Sahil Patel, who works as an outreach presenter. 

Reader, who attended South Carolina’s Clemson University, responded to decline the offer, sharing his view that “science isn’t always a[n] absolute truth.”

At least everyone can agree on the rules of the game?