Texas Bakery Gets Sweet Revenge For Backlash To Its Pride Month Cookies

Confections, a shop in Lufkin, rolled in the dough after haters showed their poor taste.

A Texas bakery hit by anti-gay hate proved that revenge is best served warm, crunchy and delicious.

Confections, a shop in Lufkin, posted an image of heart-shaped cookies iced with the rainbow flag last week to mark Pride Month.

But it later reported on Facebook that bigoted backlash to the message of love left the business 鈥渟truggling to stay afloat,鈥 with a large canceled order and a drop in followers on its social media.

The lament turned into an SOS 鈥 and it was answered by thousands of supporters. The response prompted 鈥渢ears of joy,鈥 Confections wrote on Facebook Friday.

The bakery was 鈥渙verwhelmed by all the sweet words of support posted, messaged and emailed.鈥

Confections was selling the individual treats from the large order that got canceled. The bakery shared a photo of a long customer line.

Brian Cuban, a Texas lawyer and recovery advocate who鈥檚 the brother of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, also got involved.

鈥淲hen things slow down a bit, let us know if shipping is possible. I鈥檇 like to support you,鈥 Cuban said, according KYTX. 鈥淚f shipping isn鈥檛 possible, I鈥檒l buy some by phone/email and you can donate my cookies to a local LGBTQ org or children鈥檚 charity.鈥

By Saturday, Confections was sold out of its entire inventory 鈥 neither a crumb nor a hater in sight.

So, with nothing to sell, co-owner Miranda Dolder wrote that Confections had given credit-card donations to an animal rescue. More paying it forward.

On Sunday, the shop reported it was hard at work making rainbow bows and said it was working on routing donations to nursing homes.

Cookies and love beat hate every time.

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