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Thoughtful Brothers Mow Lawn For Elderly Neighbor Who Could Go To Jail For Long Grass

Sometimes, the grass really is greener on the other side.

Four young brothers in Central Texas recently mowed the lawn of an elderly woman who had been issued an arrest warrant for having her grass too high, KWTX reported. The Reynolds brothers, of Riesel, Texas, came to the aid of Gerry Suttle after hearing she was in danger of going to jail for having her lawn taller than the city limit.

"We haven't met her yet but she's 75 years old and she needs some help mowing," one of the boys, Blaine Reynolds, told the news outlet. "That's the least we could do."

After seeing a report on a local news channel about Suttle, the Reynolds boys came together to mow Suttle’s lot in just about two hours. They rallied community members to help with the project, which was a surprise for Suttle.

She was left speechless when she saw what her neighbors had done.

"I am very seldom without words. This is one time," she told the news outlet. "You might want to mark it down in history that I didn't have something to say."

Despite the boys’ efforts, Suttle still received a summons last Thursday. However, her hardworking young neighbors say they’ll continue to do whatever they can to help her out.

"I'd do it for her a second time, or a third time," Blaine told KWTX. "Anything to keep that lady from having to go to court."

The Reynolds brothers join the ranks of other good Samaritans who have helped senior citizens in need. In January 2014, Danny DiPietro, a then-10-year-old from Michigan, gained hero status after spotting an 80-year-old neighbor who had fallen on ice in her garage.

"It was late at night and super cold out and their garage was open and something just didn't feel right," young Danny told local ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV. After alerting his mother, who called 911, the woman was rushed to the hospital and treated for hypothermia.

In April, a photo of 18-year-old supermarket employee, Christian Trouesdale, escorting a 95-year-old customer home went viral. The teen was praised by both the Internet and his local community for his good deed.

He responded to the attention by telling The Bolton News, “It is very strange because this is just something I would normally do. My parents have raised me to treat other people like you want to be treated yourself."

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