EWWW! Was That A Bugnado On Texas Weather Radar?


Forget "Sharknado." On the same day the latest film in the series aired on SyFy, it seemed as if a massive 50-mile BUGNADO was moving across Texas. Wednesday's cloud was even big enough to be picked up on radar. 

The weather today? Hazy, with a 100 percent chance of heebie jeebies. 

The National Weather Service released an animation showing what seemed like a cloud of insects:

But don't bug out just yet. Officials with the agency say there weren't enough insects to form a "swarm," and that if you were standing in the middle of it, you might not notice any more bugs than you'd expect to see for this time of year. 

"It doesn't take much so don't picture a swarm of bugs," the agency said on Twitter. "The radar is very sensitive."

The agency also requested that the media "refrain from using words like 'swarm.'" The request went largely unheeded so the NWS released a video explaining the phenomenon (above). 

An official at Copper Breaks State Park, located in the "cloud," agreed that there was in fact no swarm. 

"We have grasshoppers and beetles around here, but not anything more than usual," park manager David Turner told CNN.

The NWS said these non-swarms of bugs are picked up on radar "maybe a half dozen times a year or less."

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