Texas Cop Does The Nae Nae Dance

A Texas police officer is going viral for all the right reasons after being caught on video doing the "Nae Nae" dance with a group of kids.

Police Sgt. Alan Eddins had been driving through a neighborhood in the city of Ennis looking for the subject of an arrest warrant on the Fourth of July when he spotted the kids dancing.

The person he was looking for wasn't home, the officer told local ABC station WFAA, so he went back to the kids and had a little fun.

"I just stopped to chat with them and see what's going on," Eddins said. "They invited me to come out and do that [dance] and I reluctantly agreed."

Check it out in the clip above, caught by the kids' mother.

"I guess all EPD ain't bad look at officer Eddings out with the kids doing the nae nae," mom Shanitra Robinson wrote on Facebook.

The Ennis Police Department shared the video on its own Facebook page.

"Great job Sgt Alan Eddins!!!" the message said.

Eddins has quickly become a local celebrity. He recently recreated the dance on WFAA's newscast.