Puppy In Texas Rescued From Crack In The Ground (VIDEO)

A small puppy in Texas was saved this week after it nearly became the latest victim of the state's severe drought. Animal control officers spent 40 minutes digging the puppy out of a large crack in a backyard in Garland, Texas, reports KXAS.

The month-old puppy, which may now be named Lucky, is back with its owners. Ten-year-old Ketrick Sanders and his mother only had the dog for a day before it disappeared into the crack.

Miraculous animal stories aren't uncommon these days. A cat named Willow from Colorado will soon be reunited with her owners after being found 1,600 miles away in New York City, five years after she went missing. Last month, Miami firefighters rescued a dog that was trapped under a car for several hours.

Other rescues haven't gone as smoothly. Officials at a Six Flags in California broke into a customer's car to save a dog from the heat, but it escaped before the owner could claim her pet.

If you would like to be a hero to a puppy, consider adoption. PetFinder.com and the ASPCA both offer resources for finding a pet in need of a good home.

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