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Ben Allen And Justin Hudgins, Gay Couple Rejected By Wedding Venue, Find Home Vandalized In Alleged Hate Crime

On the heels of being rejected by a wedding reception venue because of their sexuality, a Texas-based gay couple had their property vandalized in what's currently being investigated as a hate crime.

As WFAA reports, Ben Allen and Justin Hudgins of Everman, Tex. found "Burn Fag" painted on a fence outside their home.

“Last night I was angry," 29-year-old Hudgins told the news channel in a Feb. 27 report on the initial incident. "Now that the anger is gone, I’m more scared, hoping that nobody else can find us ... I never imagined something like this would ever happen.”

After the news broke, neighbors and volunteers quickly pitched in to help the couple re-paint their fence and cover up the epithet, according to media reports.

In other supportive news, a Mississippi high school stood by a transgender student who classmates protested. The students didn't feel that she had a right to wear girl's clothing because she was born a male.

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