Grandmother Joyously Reunites With Stranded Poodle After Texas Floods

A Texas woman has found an island of hope amid the floods.

Lena Givens, 84, was joyfully reunited with her poodle, Tinkerbell, on Tuesday, after flooding from a severe storm in Houston left her stuck at a basketball game.

Givens was at Houston Rockets game when a storm hit on Monday, causing floods that prevented her from getting home, KPRC reported. A warning flashed on the screen at the arena, telling Rockets fans to stay in their seats until the weather passed, according to NBC News. Givens was stranded for hours before finding an Uber to take her home.

When she finally returned to her neighborhood, Givens was unable to get down her flooded street, the news outlet reported, but her grandson, Brian Gardner, used a duck boat to get to her house. After being trapped inside for over 12 hours, Tinkerbell was found unharmed, floating on a chair in the living room.

Houston was among the cities hit hard by storms that ravaged the Plains and Midwest starting last weekend, the Associated Press reported, leaving thousands of homes damaged or destroyed.

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