Texas Man Shot Bank Robbery Suspects Who Kidnapped Wife: Cops

Texas Man Shoots Kidnappers Who Took Wife: Cops

Two brothers who kidnapped a couple and forced the wife to help them rob the bank where she worked got a lethal dose of Texas justice last week.

Police say the husband shot his abductors following the robbery, killing one of them and wounding the other.

The Colorado County Sheriff's office isn't releasing the names of the victims due to the ongoing investigation, but a police statement obtained by The Huffington Post details the couple's harrowing ordeal.

According to the release, on Aug. 1, suspects Jordan Kutach, 20, and Preston Kutach, 21, allegedly held the victims at gunpoint inside their home:

The victims were then bound, kidnapped and transported to the First National Bank of Eagle Lake in Columbus [where] the suspects then forced the bank employee to obtain an undisclosed amount of funds.

Police believe the suspects knew that the wife worked at the bank, but the victims did not know the suspects, Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Andrew Weido told KHOU.

The suspects returned to the house and made the husband drive them south in his truck, but the man managed to get a hold of his personal firearm in the vehicle.

He shot both suspects and called 911. Columbus police and Colorado County Sheriff's deputies responded, and found the suspects lying in a ditch. Preston Kutach died from his wounds.

Under Texas' self defense laws, it's highly unlikely that the victim will face charges in the shooting. Police are still interviewing witnesses and other individuals in connection with the case.

Although residents of Columbus, Texas, were shocked to learn of the crime, they have come out staunchly in support of the victims.

“It’s very positive to a community to hear that the good guy does win in the end,” resident Evan Mullins told KHOU.

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