Texas Needs Our Help to Ward Off a Coal Catastrophe

When you're the #1 emitter of CO-2 in the country and global warming threatens your coastlines and public health, what do you do?

Apparently, in Texas, you help the coal industry build more coal-fired power plants.

Texas Governor Rick Perry is already fast-tracking the necessary permits that would allow powerful Texas coal giant TXU Corporation to start building 11 new dirty coal plants before expected federal laws limiting CO-2 emissions are put into place. As I wrote a few days ago, TXU plans to spend $10 billion on these new global warming factories, which will churn out CO-2 for half a century apiece. TXU is pushing for speedy approval of what would be the largest coal plant construction plan in U.S. history, without any regard for the implications to public health or the climate. Given past experience, these plants would likely be grandfathered from any new federal standards.

Imagine how far that $10 billion would go toward ramping up the state's huge potential for renewable energy. But not on Governor Perry's watch. Perry seems all too happy to help the coal industry, one of his friendly campaign contributors, in its quest to ruin our chances of solving global warming in return for a quick buck - or billions of bucks in this case.

The good news is that a growing number of Texas mayors are joining forces to oppose this plan through the Texas Cities for Clean Air Coalition. But the coalition can't stop this coal catastrophe alone.

TXU says on its website that the company is "committed to environmental excellence and community involvement." Well, how about we get the community involved and demand some of that environmental excellence right now? Let's all take a minute and make our voices heard by telling TXU executives that we don't want their dirty deal, so they should stop trying to put lipstick on this pig and abandon their plans for these CO-2 factories.

Contact TXU today and tell them to get with the program. We need clean, renewable, low-carbon energy now, not more dirty coal plants.

Email TXU at

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