Finally, Some Good News Out Of Texas

All 15 residents of the flooded nursing home from a viral photo are now safe.

All 15 residents of the La Vita Bella assisted living facility in Dickinson, Texas, are now safe and dry, thanks to an evacuation this weekend hurried along by a viral Twitter photo of them stranded in rising water.

And, yes, “Bozo” the cat, also seen in the viral photo, made it out safely as well:

Just days earlier, the ladies sat stuck in the assisted living home as waters from Hurricane Harvey flooded the facility, inching up past residents’ chests.

Trudy Lampson, the owner of La Vita Bella, sent a photo of the facility’s submerged living room to her son-in-law Timothy McIntosh. McIntosh tweeted it, along with a call for help, and it proceeded to go viral:

Despite the clear potential for disaster, Lampson told the Galveston County Daily News the group was in pretty high spirits at the time.

“My ladies actually were really good,” Lampson told the paper. “It was happy. It was funny. You had to laugh, because if you didn’t laugh you’d have to stand there and cry.”

After a couple thousand retweets, the photo grabbed the attention of Galveston County Emergency workers, who elevated the nursing home to the top of the rescue priority list



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