Texas GOP Boss Hints At Secession After Supreme Court Drop-Kicks Election Suit

The party of Lincoln appears to be calling for civil war, noted an aghast Twitter critic.

The head of the Texas Republican Party floated the threat of seceding from the U.S. in a tantrum over the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to bounce a baseless Texas election lawsuit.

On Friday, the court rejected Texas’ attempt to challenge votes from the battleground states of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that voted for President-elect Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump.

Texas GOP Chair Allen West said in a statement following the news that “perhaps” it’s time for “law-abiding states to bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”

There was no evidence in the Texas lawsuit that the targeted four states broke the law. And ironically, secession by a group of states that would apparently ignore the U.S. Supreme Court would violate the Constitution.

Secession also wouldn’t really pay for Texas. Last year, the state received $1.03 from the federal government for every $1 it paid in taxes.

Critics on Twitter had pretty much the same response: Grow up. Some fired back: Good riddance.

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