Texas Business Creates Truck Decal Of Woman Bound And Tied To Bring In New Customers

Texas Business Creates Truck Decal Of Woman Bound And Tied To Bring In New Customers

A Texas sign company, hoping to get some extra attention for its business, has created a truck decal featuring a woman bound and tied.

The decal shows a blonde woman in jeans curled up on the bed of a pickup truck, her hair obscuring her face and her hands and feet tied with rope. It's meant to be slapped on a truck's tailgate, creating an optical illusion of an actual woman lying in distress.

KWTX News 10 in Waco, Texas reported that Hornet Signs put the decal on the back of an employee's truck to show how realistic its signs are. A female employee volunteered to be tied up and photographed for the promotional material.

"I wasn't expecting the reactions that we got, nor was it really anything we certainly condone or anything else," Hornet Signs owner Brad Kolb told KWTX. "But it was just something...we had to put out there to see who notices it."

Kolb also claimed that since the controversy, he has seen a rise in decal orders.

KWTX said it asked viewers what they thought of Kolb's marketing stunt, and the responses the station received were pretty "one-sided" against it. Some viewers said they even called the police when they saw the decal, thinking a woman was truly in trouble.

Julie Gerstein at the Frisky adds, "The sad thing is, this isn’t even an original idea. Similar truck decals featuring hogtied women, like this, and this, all contribute to a culture of violence against women. Plus, this can’t be making local police happy. How many false 911 calls have been made because of these things?"

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