Text Dolphin To 44144: What Happens If You Follow Ric O'Barry's Sign?

It was a big night for Participant Media at the Oscars. Their web presence was shown during a series of American Express commercials, and their film "The Cove" won Best Documentary.

The film about dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, captivated millions and inspired many to take action. During the film's victory speech, film subject and animal activist Ric O'Barry held up a sign that said "Text Dolphin To 44144."

Well, what happens if you do that?

According to, going forward on that text will sign you up to receive information about how to end the dolphin slaughter in Japan.

ABC quickly cut away from the stage once O'Barry held up the sign.


For more Cove-related actions, you can visit and sign on to the campaign to help spread the word. Through Zannel, you can also share photos and videos through your mobile device.