Text Message Breakup: More Men Than Women End Relationships Via Text

The Shocking Number Of Men Who End Relationships By Text

Is it ever OK to end a relationship via cell phone?

According to a press release from WhatsYourPrice.com, an online dating site that allows users to buy and sell first dates, both men and women are guilty of using technology to break the bad news -- but men are the more frequent offenders.

The site surveyed 7,500 of its male members and 8,300 of its female members members and found that 88 percent of men have broken up with someone over text message, compared to only 18 percent of women. And 71 percent of men have dumped someone over the phone, compared to 43 percent of women. Ouch!

For women, breaking up in person was the most common way to call it quits (72 percent), compared to 47 percent of men.

WhatsYourPrice.com also looked at how many people have used social media to call it quits with a former flame. They found that very few men have ever broken up with someone through social media -- only eight percent -- but 32 percent of women have used social networks like Facebook and Twitter to do the deed.

And it's not just so-called "regular" people who use technology to break up. Last month, Katy Perry told Vogue magazine that Russell Brand announced his plans to divorce her via text message.

Click through the slideshow below to see Perry and other celebrities who have been dumped through texts and phone calls.

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