In The Public Interest : Recap of the National 'Rebellion' Against High Textbook Prices

Meet Mr. $200 Textbook and Textbook Rebel, the now legendary textbook mascot characters who have spent the last six weeks touring college campuses to promote the Textbook Rebellion, a movement of students, faculty and organizations seeking to end skyrocketing textbook prices. After 13 states, 40 campuses, 10,000 petition signatures and 9,500 miles of driving, here's a slideshow recapping the highlights of the tour.

Anyone who has seen textbook prices lately knows what the Textbook Rebellion is about - outrageous $200 price tags, incessant new editions, unwanted supplements, and an industry dominated by a handful of publishers who seem intent on gouging students for all they're worth.

With today's technology, there is no excuse for textbooks to be so expensive. From online price comparisons and rental services, to print on demand machines and innovative publishing companies that offer freely-available open textbooks, there are more solutions now than ever before.

The goal of the Textbook Rebellion is to implement these solutions by building a united front among students, faculty, parents and everyone else affected by the high cost of textbooks. The mascot tour is only the beginning, so join the movement by signing the petition and visiting!

Photo Recap: Textbook Rebellion National Tour