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Texting and Driving? PSA Shows Busy Dentist, Highlighting Distracted Driving Dangers (VIDEO)

Think a trip to the dentist is scary in itself? Imagine if the dentist were distracted from his job by texts, photos or a favorite tune. (Oh, sorry, is that blood?)

One PSA has managed to highlight everyone's worst fear by comparing distracted office staff to texting and driving in an effort to reach out to teens that are hitting the road with their cell phones in hand.

The video's somewhat disturbing office scene fades out to the text "Dentistry takes focus." The ad then briefly shows a teen preoccupied with his phone, followed by the words, "Driving takes focus."

Director Olivier Agostini said he hoped the spot for Impact Teen Drivers would capture teens' attention with a bit of humor.

"The backbone of the spot was to create awareness on the dangers of distracted driving without relying on the use of ubiquitous scare imagery or graphic car-crash footage," Agostini was quoted as saying in Adland.

According to a report commissioned by State Farm Insurance, 57 percent of teen drivers text while driving. And perhaps surprisingly, only 22 percent of parents talk to licensed teens about safe driving habits, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

The survey also revealed that drivers under age 20 have the greatest proportion of distracted drivers. Similarly, young passengers were the least likely to speak up if drivers were texting or talking on their phones, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports.