Texting Man Runs Into Bear (VIDEO)

Driving and texting can be dangerous, but walking and texting is no picnic either, especially when a giant bear is on the loose.

KTLA reports that a Montrose, Calif., man was walking down the street and texting when he suddenly came face-to-face with a 400-pound black bear.

News Core explains that the bear, named Glen Bearian by local residents, regularly walks the streets searching for food.

On this particular occasion, it took three tranquilizer darts to bring him down after he wandered into someone's yard.

According to Montrose Patch, the area around Holy Redeemer Catholic Church was closed off while California Department of Fish & Game worked to tranquilize the bear.

Mr. Bearian has become something of a local celebrity. He even has an active Twitter account.

"Maybe the city took a wrong turn and ended up in my forest," he recently tweeted.