Texting With Your Twenties
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Here’s some not so breaking news: your twenties can be challenging at times. For instance, I’m halfway through and I still haven’t found the right haircut for my head. Worse, I can’t even decide if I like pistachio ice cream or not. Whether it’s graduating, finding a career, navigating relationships, or learning more about yourself, this time period can make you feel like you’re constantly swimming upstream, often times with no clear destination. More specifically, it can make you feel like you’re Snow White during that scene where she’s wandering around that absolutely terrifying forest.

Sometimes you just wish you could sit down and talk face-to-face, or at the very least phone-to-phone with your twenties. Ya know, level a little bit. Get down. Get real. Have a beer or two. And let’s be honest, there’s plenty to talk about. Disclaimer: I hate texting. I rather pick up the phone — that’s how Alexander Graham Bell would have wanted it.

Nonetheless, I imagined how these chats would go.

There’s all the internal questions

The nostalgia

The time management factor

The dating pressure

That damn rent thing

The all-too-real Sunday Scares

You may drink a bit?

You might make some bad decisions...

But in the end

It will all be okay

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