What You're Actually Saying When You Text Your Crush

Oh, that's what you thought you said? You're adorable.

If you're truly being honest with yourself, you know that a lot of your text messages have underlying meanings, ESPECIALLY when those texts messages are directed at someone you have a thing for.

Let's say you write, "HAHAHA," chances are you're not laughing that hard, but instead you're actually saying, "That wasn't that funny, but I want you to feel like we're very compatible."

Check out this very helpful tutorial on texting your crush from Buzzfeed Yellow. Then you'll be ready to start your relationships with honesty. And when that doesn't work either, you'll be one step closer to starting that cult you've always talked about.



  • This guy has very soft sensual arms.
  • Who's a good driver??
  • DUDE!
  • Someone's been staying in shape, but which end?
  • AwwwwwwwGAHHH!
  • One, two... three?
  • Damn! Cat's got a good strong back!
  • It's his tail. Yeah, we know.
  • Oh god, last night was ruff.
  • Melty, come!
  • Oh my god, it's a melting dogs epidemic!
  • McGruff the crime dog went on get married and have kids.
  • "Honey can you adjust the right side mirror for me. Actually never mind, I'll get it."
  • Dude, you really can't neglect your lower body workouts.
  • "My son's going to be a professional thumb wrestler."
  • Ben Franklin?!
  • Birdman?
  • The latest hair craze was loved by all. Except the tiny men who were now headless.
  • With lips like that, who wouldn't want to kiss this girl??
  • Long arm.
  • Elderly babies need love too.
  • Oh dear lord!
  • And that's when little Bobby discovered... he had a twin sister!
  • All this time behind the counter, we never knew.
  • The fine people at Chipotle pass no judgement regarding your singlet.
  • "Oh hey guys, sorry I'm late--WHAT ON EARTH?"
  • What's that camel head's dieting secret?