'Texts From Your Existentialist' Is The Snarky Instagram You've Always Dreamed Of

The Internet's greatest gift to society: an outlet for the never-ending river of frustrations that is life. Our favorite virtual answer to sublime hopelessness: pithy social media accounts.

First there was This Charming Charlie, a genius Tumblr account that combined the sullen words of Morrissey with the hidden angst of Charlie Brown, freeing all of us to gleefully admit that we were bored before we ever began. Thank you, Internet!

Then there was Gluten Free Art, the perfect critique of contemporary fanatics (this time: dietary radicals), that removed carbs from famous paintings in a hilarious act of digital defiance. Doubly grateful, Internet!

Now, there's Texts from Your Existentialist, a cheeky Instagram account that pairs renowned artworks with deeply Nietzschean quips, resulting in a stream of achingly bitter but oh-so-wonderful images that bemoan the state of human existence. That's a hat trick, Internet!

Behold, our newest obsession:

*renews vows with fantasy* w/ #Vermeer.

A photo posted by Texts From Your Existentialist (@textsfromyourexistentialist) on

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