Texture-Centric Photography So Touchable You'll Stroke Your Screen

Texture is everywhere.

Bleachers. Pebbles. Tiles. Wood. From close up, these disparate materials seem to have little in common. But zoom out a bit, and watch as uniform chairs and wooden planks change from recognizable objects to dizzying, abstract tapestries. 

Texture is everywhere. Unfortunately, the mundane and overwhelming tasks of daily life often prevent us from savoring the uncanny way a plastic lounge chair morphs into a three-dimensional, neon green maze. Luckily, we have photographers to reveal the beauty of what so often goes unnoticed. This week, we challenged readers to send us their best texture-centric photos, and the results do not disappoint. 

See some of our favorites below. Be warned, attempting to touch your computer will only lead to a dirty screen.

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