Thank a Teacher This Holiday Season

Teaching is an art and a passion. It comes from the heart. Just feeling appreciated goes a long way in making teachers want to be creative and do more exciting things in the classroom. It makes them feel recognized for their efforts on behalf of your child...

So this holiday season, let's include thanking teachers in your holiday plans. It is something easy that parents and students can do that will improve the quality of the teaching in their child's school NOW. Send a card or small gift. It is super simple. Or better yet, have your child make a card.

American teachers are battered group -- teaching applications are down 23% at the California State University system the largest trainer of teachers in the world. Almost 50% leave after five years in the classroom. Teachers as a group have been criticized and not respected. It is the most important job in the world... training the next generation.

Last week, Congress passed the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that replaces the No Child Left Behind act and gives every state the right to determine assessment strategies... This new act has the potential of cutting down on testing and the "teaching to the test" which hopefully should improve creativity in the classroom.

But on a simple, straight-to-the-heart point, this holiday season, thank a teacher... especially your child's teacher. It will go a long way in teaching kids to be grateful and improving the atmosphere in classrooms across the nation in 2016.