Thank a Veteran by Donating to Classrooms in Military Communities

$700,000 Matching Grant to Support Teachers Helping MilFams

Really big news: Craig Newmark Philanthropies is providing a 2X match on classroom projects that serve military communities. The grant will also support an innovative new tool on the DonorsChoose platform to ensure that donors, teachers, and site visitors can search for (and fund) classroom projects at the following schools:

  • Schools located on a military base in the US;
  • Schools that report to the Department of Defense, rather than the Dept. of Education (sometimes because they are on a military installation);
  • Schools where 20% or more of the student population lives on/off a military bases.

Educators in military communities across the nation are invited to submit new classroom projects. Here’s how the 1:1 match for donations to classroom projects in military communities works: if you give to any one of these projects via, your donation will be matched by Craig Newmark Philanthropies up to $700,000.

You can find a list of all eligible projects at

All teachers deserve our respect and support, and that’s especially true in schools serving military families. Craig Newmark Philanthropies is honored to support educators and military families across the country.

“These kids serve right alongside their loved ones in uniform,” says Mrs. Burrow, a teacher on Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. “They sacrifice so much and though it is hard, they proudly do it. I have seen the tears when their mom or dad deploys and I have seen the excitement as students have welcomed their loved one back from a deployment. Military life is tough but these kids are strong and deserve the best.”

All projects will be verified by the DonorsChoose team, and we’re encouraging folks to share this widely so we can fund as many classrooms supporting the kids of military families as possible. Tell us why you support schools serving military communities on social media using #SupportMilitaryClassrooms, and please encourage others to give back to education.

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