Thank the Stranger Who Judges You From Afar


I'm 28, and admittedly, my husband ties my shoelaces sometimes like he did tonight at a busy restaurant.

While tying my shoelaces, a man leaving the restaurant stared at my husband with scornful, judgmental eyes that screamed, "You're whipped."

But no, my husband isn't whipped (or so I'd like to think...). He just knows me an infinite times more than that man who caught one second of our lives only to forget us on his next step out the door.

My husband knows that two days ago while bending over, a herniated disc in my lower back flared up and caused sciatica in my right leg. He knows that for three years now, I've been suffering from chronic nerve pain throughout my body and face.

Lastly, he knows that if he can save me the unnecessary action of bending over without much added effort on his part, he can prevent the possibility of me experiencing the type of pain that tends to drain my energy for a few days.

Like I said, my husband knows a lot more than that man who caught a momentary glimpse into our lives. But nonetheless, I'd like to thank that man for throwing serious shade at my husband's kindness.

He reminded me of this short but sweet lesson.

Never judge because you simply can't.

The only way you can rightfully judge a person is if you are aware of every single event that that person has experienced in his life to get to the moment you deem criticizable.

And since that's humanly impossible (unless you are judging yourself), then there's no way to judge someone!

It's simple, right?


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