Thank You, ACORN!

Today I just want to say thank you to ACORN, for all the great work you did on behalf of poor people over the past 4 decades.

Thanks, Wade, Maude, Steve, Bertha, Zach, Carolyn, and so many more of you who worked harder than you had to, made less than you could have, and did more than any other group to make sure the voices of the dispossessed were sometimes included in public policy.

Thanks for registering so many voters, even though almost all the people you helped elect turned against you on the basis of a videotaped lie, a Swift Boat drive-by shooting, just another FOX fake hit piece.

Thanks for helping Barack Obama back when he was just an ex-organizer. Thanks for helping Jesse Jackson twice. Thanks for helping start the Working Families Party.

Thanks for fighting for the homes of poor people, for living wages for working people, for campaign finance reform and voting reforms for all of us. Thanks for doing the gritty, door-to-door work that a field operation requires, and that often gets ignored.
We'll miss you. Actually, we're gonna find out in November that we'll miss you a lot.