Children Say Thank You To Their Moms -- Just Not For What You Were Expecting

The Antidote To Those Sappy Mother's Day Ads That Make Everyone Cry

Treacly Mother's Day sentiments be gone.

To promote her new humor book, "How Not To Calm Your Child On An Airplane," writer and comedian Johanna Stein asked a group of children what they've always wanted to say to their moms -- and compiled their hilariously honest answers.

"Thanks for using me as an excuse to get out of social obligations," one youngster answered. Oof.

"I wanted to shoot a rebuttal to all those sappy, marketing videos that seem to show up around Mother's Day," Stein told The Huffington Post. "Don’t get me wrong -- those sappy videos make me cry harder than anyone on the planet. In fact, that’s probably why I felt the need to make fun of them. So I could get back at those folks for making my eyes so puffy."

To see what your kids have always been thinking, check out the video yourself.

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