Thank You, Mr. Trump

Here's an alternative POV:

Donald Trump will be good for us. The prospect that a person like him could actually become our President is forcing many Americans who have taken our democracy for granted to now run to its rescue. That includes leaders in the media, in business, in faith, and even in Trump's own party (although not nearly enough), along with many average citizens who never before took much of an interest in politics.

As a nation, we are benefitting from a long overdue conversation about the direction of our country, the importance of diversity, the meaning of freedom of speech, and the desperate need for political reform.

When all this is over, we may begrudgingly have to thank Mr. Trump for inciting this necessary dialogue, bringing these issues to the forefront, and challenging all of us to look into our hearts and decide what matters most.

For me, I believe in this country and its people. I am confident that the majority of our citizens will ultimately put the best interests of the nation first, and reject the anger and hatred that Donald Trump hopes to ignite within our souls.

David Paine, founder of NextParty, is a contributing blogger for Huffington Post.