Thank You

What an honor! The month of June has been amazing and an adjustment. New city and team with some familiar faces. Also getting around is a little different; have to get used to the travel time everywhere. But the best way to learn about the city is to get out in the community.

I have a passion for encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for all ages. We only get one body and we have to treat it the best we can in order to lead quality of life we want.

My Liberty teammates and myself have been out in the community these past two months doing multiple events. We had a great basketball clinic in the Bronx during the opening week of the season. We put the kids through ball handling drills, shooting drills, and quickness exercises. To do events that we can interact with the kids always makes you feel energized. One of my favorite promotional nights for the WNBA is the Dads and Daughters day game with a clinic after the game for both the Dad and the Daughter. It was awesome to see the dads out there doing drills with their daughters! It just made me smile the whole night because of the great times my father and I had through basketball.

We then had a chance to do something non-basketball-related with the Garden of Dreams Foundation. A few of my teammates and I headed down to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. We met up with a group of children and watched a presentation of some of the water animals and even got to touch a starfish and sea urchin. Then the children painted with watercolors and did more exploration throughout the museum. To top it all off, they had play time and lunch!!! Doing these events is a great way to give back and knowing that just a little time out of my day can maybe make all the difference in someone's day, week or life is an amazing feeling!!! I know I always walk away from events with a smile on my face so thank you to everyone who has brightened my life.