'Thanks For The Flu!', To The Following Terrible People

This wouldn't be possible without all of you!

Every year, medical experts give us the same strategies for carefully navigating cold and flu season. And every year, millions of people completely disregard that advice, get themselves sick, and then get others sick, because they are, arguably, terrible people.

So, thanks to the following terrible people, without whom this cold and flu season could not have been the great success it's been. You really stepped it up this year!

  • People who aren't washing their hands.
    Holloway via Getty Images
  • People coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths. Ew.
    John Lund via Getty Images
  • Employees who go to work instead of staying home sick.
    Big Cheese Photo via Getty Images
  • Parents who send their children to school sick. A bunch of Typhoid toddlers running around throwing snot-covered blocks at each other.
    KidStock via Getty Images
  • Then there's this guy and whatever his deal is.
    Lauri Rotko via Getty Images
  • And these grownups who are in definite need of supervision.
    AFP via Getty Images
  • Old Man Winter in general. Seriously, you're not helping. Dick.
    Dynamic Graphics via Getty Images


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