Thanks to Bernie Sanders America is Ceasing to Listen to The False Oracles of Mainstream Media

US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during the primary night rally in Concord, New Hampshire, on Febru
US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during the primary night rally in Concord, New Hampshire, on February 9, 2016. Self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders and political novice Donald Trump won New Hampshire's presidential primaries Tuesday, US media projected, turning the American political establishment on its head early in the long nominations battle. / AFP / Jewel Samad (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Last night Democratic voters in New Hampshire roundly rejected the cabal of charlatans posing as political experts in mainstream media. While many choose to remain deaf to it, the message from the people is loud and clear: the people of America have had enough of the Faustian bargain between the political, corporate and media establishments. They desire more than just a change of personnel in the oval office-they want a political revolution. There is no longer any room for doubt that the nation has awakened to the nobility of knaves that has been pulling the wool over their eyes for generations.

There is however much to be done before the victory of Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire Democratic Primaries can become the milestone in America's history that it deserves to be. Foremost among the challenges remains the unashamed bias of the media towards the Sanders campaign. Aside from the inordinate amount of prime time cable news coverage given to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump there has also been a recent surge in pro-Hillary and anti-Sanders articles in the nation's largest newspapers. Take the heavily biased New York Times endorsement of Hillary as Democratic nominee for a start. Then you have the Washington Post Editorial dismissing Bernie's agenda as being "facile" and "overpromising" with no elaboration on why it is such an absolute certainty that he cannot deliver. The widely quoted Francis Wilkinson article in the Chicago Tribune last week described Bernie as a threat to the futures of both the Democratic Party and America. Bret Stephens writing for the Wall Street Journal this past Monday accused Bernie of "preaching hatred" and "politics of envy." Meanwhile this past Tuesday pseudo-philosopher David Brooks continued to misrepresent Bernie Sanders for the second column in a row in the New York Times. According to him Sanders was part of a "pornography of pessimism" and portraying America as being "on the verge of collapse."

This is what the Sanders campaign is up against. Most of the self-appointed elder-statesmen of journalism who are yet to be right about anything are pandering to their political loyalties. They will only amp up their cacophony of sophistry and outright mendacity as the presidential contest progresses and the need to remain steadfast and occupy social media space is greater than ever.

Ultimately, the strongest weapon in the campaign is the man himself; Sanders' message is clear and consistent. The inequality gap is untenable and unconscionable, the middle class is losing wealth and political influence, money is going to the wrong people and to the wrong purpose-and the establishment sold out to wall street and any lobby willing to pay top dollar a long time ago.

No meaningful change can come by working by the rules of this establishment and there is only one candidate who is an avowed foe of the status quo and promises not just a change of guard but a paradigm shift. New Hampshire Democrats have shown the way. It remains to be seen if the rest of the Union will cease to listen to the rusted rails of mainstream media and usher in the revolution that Bernie Sanders has promised to lead.