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10 Alternative Thanksgiving Dinners That Will Break Tradition

Go out of the ordinary this Thanksgiving.

You know the Thanksgiving drill: Grab some turkey, smother it in gravy, add a scoop of mashed potatoes, another scoop of stuffing, and maybe drop a few green beans on your plate.

There's no doubt Thanksgiving is delicious, but the routine can start to become somewhat of a snooze year, after year, after year (which is why we created our own Thanksgiving Sides Cake).

If you live in New York City and are feeling particularly bored with the usual Turkey Day meal, you could head to Talde in Brooklyn and try the "Turkey Ramen." It's a bowl filled with noodles, creamed-spinach dumplings, roast turkey slices and topped with gravy that has cranberries mixed in.

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For those of you who don't live in New York and are still bored, fear not. We've found 10 unique versions of Thanksgiving dinner that are so exciting you probably won't even feel the tryptophan this year.

Thanksgiving Egg Rolls with Cranberry Chutney
Runway Chef
Here you have your turkey, stuffing and gravy all wrapped into one convenient finger food.

Get the Thanksgiving Egg Rolls with Cranberry Chutney recipe from Runway Chef
Thanksgiving Pizza
We Are Not Martha
This beast of a pizza is topped with cranberry chutney, turkey and gorgonzola cheese. AND there's an apple pie plopped in the middle of the whole thing.

Get the Thanksgiving Pizza recipe from We Are Not Martha
Turkey Tacos With Cranberry Salsa
Simply Recipes
Cranberry salsa beats cranberry sauce any day.

Get the Turkey Tacos With Cranberry Salsa from Simply Recipes
The Thanksgiving Burrito
The Food In My Beard
Here we have a traditional burrito with sour cream and pinto beans merged with with cranberry salsa, cornbread stuffing and turkey. A beautiful marriage.

Get The Thanksgiving Burrito recipe from The Food In My Beard
The Thanksgiving Sides Cake
HuffPost Taste
Here's a Thanksgiving Cake perfect for vegetarians (if you use meatless stuffing and vegetarian gravy). Dreamed up by HuffPost Taste, it's filled with layers upon layers of cornbread, stuffing cake, cranberry sauce, creamed spinach and gravy all topped with mashed sweet potatoes and mashed potato piping.
A Turkey Filled With Stuffing Cupcakes
Cupcake Project
First you bake the cupcakes, then you put them in the turkey. As the turkey roasts, the cupcakes are steamed and "infused with flavor inside the bird."

Get the Turkey Filled With Stuffing Cupcakes recipe from Cupcake Project
Turkey Muffin Stuffins
A Happy Hippy Mom
Here's a whole Thanksgiving plate stuffed into a muffin and topped with just a little taste of mashed potatoes.

Get the Turkey Muffin Stuffins recipe from A Happy Hippy Mom
Turkey Cake
A glorious cake filled with layers of sweet potato casserole, turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Oh, and it's suggested to top it with gravy.

Get the Thanksgiving Turkey Cake recipe from Chowhound.
An Ice Cream Thanksgiving Dinner
Alison Spiegel
Last week we wrote about Salt & Straw's amazing Thanksgiving ice creams. Flavors include "Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey," "Hazelnut Rosemary Stuffing" and "Honey Bourbon Corn Pudding." These are the perfect antidote to the person who is only into Thanksgiving dinner for the desserts.

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